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Lan Xiang Hao ghd dark I am tired! Leave! What do say meet it! Directly rejected also have a trace of fantasy Lan Xiang Hao ghost of a chance does not it? Seems to be no begging! Ying Hao child out of the room after the white gauze to remove from the arm to reveal the horrible wounds Oh! Even a chance to speak no good grief! Why! Yang ‘days’ shouts the sky is the ceiling, though not sub-Ying also did not go far cry listening to this piercing his heart trembling? Dead silence will not crash it. After the huge sound of screaming in the house without any sound. Just to be on the sub-Ying was the car still running scared off straight into the blue room Hao Xiang take the time to open his door did not move nothing on the floor of the white gauze became the focus of blood flow down the stream flow along the arm stream ticking half lying on the floor playing the catches distressed Hao Shuixiang move a heavy bent down picked up the pace of gauze looked at the ground instead of my own blood is too selfish! Wei Zi Ying! You or people? He was bleeding for you, but you selfish do not even have a chance to speak to him?

Looked at those people who have looked at the ground of blood and bloody arm as fast as his arm green envy ghd iv styler bandaged up and then wipe clean the floor to help the blood off his shoes covered with blankets Hao to the kitchen to help make a point to eat Ho of on his bedside table at this time of the sub-Ying little dizzy feeling she tried to make her point clear, but just got up and went down the whole person, but very glad that she is not down on the floor but fell to the Hao’s a bunch of bright sunlight shone into the gray space in the exceptionally beautiful illuminated wall clock swinging back and forth just to form a right angle – nine. Gradually waking people lying open their eyes to hit his head hard look strange and familiar room head hurts? This is the memory of last night to reproduce so slowly! I remember last night I was sleepy and asleep This is Hao’s room! Got out of bed looking at the bedside table meals are gone Hao did not replace it in a piece of paper around the child Ying I am very grateful to you last night you can come back there I do eat food taste great! Oh. When I got up this morning to see you lying ghd straighteners to me really a bit flattered! Sleep so good to see you could not bear to wake you up All in all I just want to tell you one thing if you forgive me if ten o’clock you to your favorite place – bookstore. I will be there for you if you do not forgive me that I have nothing to say I want to tell you I did not say that sentence last night! Ten o’clock? ! The time now is nine should still have time to! Happy early sub-Ying smiled. Suddenly the phone rang: Hello?

What is the position which is very sad sitting ghd australia sipping coffee sub-Ying Ho seemed to have forgotten all about a guy that sat off to the land Ji Zexuan looking for the indifference and health sub-Ying Hao looked the more lines the more figure far Hao pulled into the rustling Muyu arm in arm injuries as the reason he gently called out the kind of piercing pain, but the physical pain has been looked at Ji Zexuan annihilation you want to do? I’ve wasted a couple of do not want to delay a pair Ying just told me: If love is hate, then the results might as well do not love you the same. If you forget to hate it after not really loved me you would like to be useful for the blue sub-Ying Xiang Hao and I are just ordinary friends, only we have is an old friend of many years Oh you ask her! I tell you one sentence: Seeing is not necessarily to be misunderstood or how it really? Blatantly walk in the rain being waved towards the back of disappearing. Stood, he struggled to see is not necessarily true ghd mk4 gold focus is not necessarily true if it is true, he ran up hugged Ying handle gently in her ear Whisper child Ying sorry I just wrong too reckless. I like you can not accept my love for you?

Sister school in safety and quiet in front of Han said is true I hope one day you can be my girlfriend I found one morning ghd hair straightener sale your eyes open to see who is the person I am dreaming that’s so happy and happy things you look at the sleeping face to me is a happy child Ying happy cry tears of happiness always sweetness. Straining nodded. The monopoly of a sweet voice behind me say how last night did not go back to the original sub-Ying is Perfect Match! Vary fast with no one to talk about you and me and Ran Ling Hao are doing last night is not already developed to the extent that the! Grin on his face. Bend your fingers playing maple in the back of the head about Lin’er cold Oh you look at her why, yeah you! Rain hand not be quiet stay with you really suffer cold eh pair your eyes or I give it up do you dig a gesture. Renzi Feng umbrella rain get in Lin’er on his face in her face had Xiangnong but accidentally get inside the eye leading to the next result —- Renzi Feng! What are you doing! Not so soon put out the murder of your girlfriend put to death it ghd

hurts my eyes! This sentence confused laugh and cry out to Renzi Feng face towel to wipe the rain also could not open the eyes of how slowly opened his eyes Renzi Feng try to realize that they committed a ‘heinous crime’ immediately rub the eye to help Lin’er clumsy movements caused by the whole Field of laughter Renzi Feng you Bensi it! I am blowing my contact lenses forget forget I get it! But Renzi Feng did not learn until the Lin’er contact lens inside the eye knocked off it so far Renzi Feng!


Any grudges against me and your past life or previous life I owe you ghd styling tools my contact lenses were knocked off your wet clothes quickly find a contact lens to help me now! Silly standing really! He did not look for contact lenses but he gets Lin’er little hands to walk in the rain maple are you going? Your clothes are not wet yet? Of course, is to change clothes! But I could not see anything inside! I know! Otherwise, what I hold your hand! Fuzzy eyes looked a little unhappy that my contact lenses maple it? Come to my friends I did not see uh! Let me see when your eyes! Original here waiting Lin’er it! Never been dissatisfied with her sweet little heart thrown a trace of the brain is a pain ‘a familiar words! Why is there a trace of familiarity it? Why are so frequent headaches recently? Probably stimulated by the recent of too much of it! ‘Although the surface is self-deception has become the antidote to side, but Xuan me what happened? Saw you dance last night, but no official nod to five years, we seem to have not seen, right? A waiter to put a cup of coffee on the front of the child Ying called me just to say this thing? Lin’er she not right? You have the nerve to say it? If not for you Lin’er and she would not have happened that thing? A little excited jump backward sub-Ying Ji Zexuan nose pointing cursed his mind asked her she can not do that right?